New preview


Still few bugs i am working out but i believe i have alot of it knocked out. Might change out some things to give it a little more custom look.

I am working on the side scrolling thing.

Let me know your thoughts.

[url] is for sale | HugeDomains

Sizzle sells and that site is HOT! Very kewl.


i like how you have the cart and such on the top, very cool

You have some horizontal scrolling issues in FF 2.0, otherwise nice job.

As ET said You have some horizontal scrolling issues in FF 2.0 and in IE 7, but good job nice header, good colours.

^^ ya thats what i am working on now. gonna alter the design some and make some images smaller so it doesn’t scoll sideways.

otherwise thanks for your comments.

I like everything but the top of the site. Specifically the login, cart, quick search, and best sellers. It’s looks unorganized, doesn’t line up, squished and mashed in there.

also have a a red bar across top that colors don’t match I think.