New "payment Methods" Added Cannot Have Images Without Error (Cs 4.2.4)

For some reason when we add a new "payment method" and add an image to it when the customer goes to checkout they will get a message telling them the site has something on it that is not secure ( According to Chrome the non-secure image it is trying to pull in is...

But if we delete the image (which is actually right on our site) in the admin then we no longer get the non-secure error. This happens with every image we upload and with every new payment method we add. The strange part is the old "payment methods" do not have this error, even if they are using the exact same image that we uploaded for the new payment method.

This error is duplicated on 2 different domains, both using CS-Cart 4.2.4.

So I was wondering if anyone else has added new payment methods with the version mentioned and had problems or if there may be a bug report that I am just unable to find in the bug tracker?

The issue with this ended up being something within a new Stripe add on we had purchased from Webkul. I'm not for sure why they are making a call to this image but it ends up messing up any new payment methods too.