New Payment Gateway


We are want to make a new payment method for DineroMail (its like paypal but for Mexico)

This Payment method works like a regular gateway, you have to send a POST to dineromail server, the problem here is that dineromail dosent give any callback.

I only need to send this to dineromail server:



I modified Cs_cart payment gateway egold.php, the only thing that i did is to insert the POST code to the egold.php

When the costumer choose dineromail as a payment, cs cart works good, the cosutmer is redirected to Dineromail payment page.
The problem is that CS-cart order status goes to Incomplete and the costumer cart it still has the products.

I need that the costumer order status will go to Open and the cosumer cart its empty after he choose dineromail as payment.

Can anyone can help me with this problem?

Thank you very much