New notification style for the "adding product to cart" action

[quote name=‘angel’]New notification style has been added to the “adding product to cart” action.

In this notification there are displayed the name, price, quantity and options of the product which is being added at the moment, and also the ‘Cart’ and ‘Checkout’ pages.

We welcome all your comments and suggestions.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for making the improvement.

Two things:

  1. How to make customer know that the adding to cart is under processing after they click the “add to cart” button. Now there is only a “Loading” notice on the top. During the process, customers are still active.

  2. In the new design, after click Continue Shopping, there will be a page reload, I think it’s better to use the same function as close button.



Wow, what an improvement! I was thinking of doing something like this myself before we launch our site but now I may wait… Here are my thoughts:

  1. Will this also work the same for Add to Wishlist notifications and others?
  2. I agree with Joe that it’s probably better to make continue shopping the same function as close instead of reloading.
  3. It would be nice if we can turn on or off the auto dissapear function in case some users want the modal to remain.

    Can I get the code to install this on our site now please? :slight_smile:

  • Jonah


This is a great improvement. I just have a couple of comments.

  1. When I tried it, the box disappeared after 5-6 seconds. Did not wait until I either “xed” out, clicked on “continue shopping” or the “checkout button”. I think it should remain open until someone clicks something or at least be open more than 5 seconds.
  2. When you click “continue shopping”, it seems you are taken away from the current product page to the home page. I would need the customer to remain on the same page.

    Maybe some of the variations/behavior could be configurable.



I agree, it would be nice to have the continue button make it so that the bx would just dissapear.

I do like how the box goes away on it’s own after a few seconds.

Overall, I really like it.


What a great feature. I think the continue shopping should take them back to the page or the category. Should be an option:

  1. Home Page
  2. Current Category
  3. Current Page

    I like that it disappears. Don’t make the customer click.

    Great work!


This is great. Finally people have the option to go straight to checkout.

I cant wait for the release of this version!

Like the other are saying. The Continue button should stay on the samen page.

[quote]You can add the transparent background and move the “Loading” notice to the center of the screen, like in the “View larger image” functionality.[/quote]Will this work for IE6 to avoid cutting by selectbox bug? Thanks.

Looks great.

However, I don’t know about the “Continue Shopping” and “Checkout” buttons on the bottom.

The “Continue Shopping” button seems to defeat the purpose of making “add to cart” AJAX capable, because clicking on it redirects you to the main page.

I say either remove the “Continue Shopping” button or make the button act just like the close button for the notification box.

To test it out, you need to go here:


Hi and welcome angel! ^^

First of all, I would like to say that it’s nice to see that a developer from the cs-cart team is sharing her/his ideas on the forum with us, and letting us know of the nice/great developments that is currently being implemented in cscart and seeking our opinions/inputs on those.

I LOVE the new “add to cart” notification style. It is way better than the current green ugly easy to missed notification box that disappear after a VERY brief period. (I’ve centered the box via css currently, as it was really missable in the original version when it was on the top right corner)

I agree with the general consensus to make the “Continue shopping” button act just like the close button for the notification box.

Now, I really can’t wait for v2.0.9 to come out~ ^^ (Though of course, no rush here, only release it when it have been thoroughly tested, to avoid the similar v2.0.7 horror)

Just a quick questions, angel, I would like to ask what is the css class used by cscart to trigger the modal window, it will be easier for me to reuse that class and jquery function than to implement another modal script, since I also like the current modal style of the default cscart implementation.

If cscart will do a quick documentation on their jquery functions, specifically for UI and styling of store, it will be great.

This is a much better way of showing the notifications. Thank you.

Just a quick question, will this method also be implemented in the admin area notifications?

Many thanks


What file is the add to cart notification box? Looked at notification.tpl, but can’t see where to comment out The product options. I just want the name of the product added. With up to 10 options, you can’t read them anyway. All run into each other.

Also, want to change checkout to go to cart page.



I think you want /skins/YOURSKIN/customer/views/products/components/product_notification.tpl.

Take a look at the follwoing for more information:



if you need to NOT show this box…

comment in


the lines…


83 is //$msg = $view->display(‘views/products/components/product_notification.tpl’, false);