New menu

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to replace the existing categories menu on my site with something a little more interesting.

Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions.

I am happy to purchase an add on if necessary. I'd just like some suggestions.

Here is my site it is the black menu on the left hand side that I'd like to improve.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.



I guess the first thing to do is to figure out what you want it to look like. I'd suggest taking a look at or, even better,

Take a look at those places, decide what you want, then see what it can take to integrate into CS-Cart.

Also, I'm pretty happy with my menu. You can check it out with the link in my signature.

Hope that helps,


Hi Brandon,

I like the look of the menu you are using. I'm going to run it by my client and see what they think.

Where did you get that menu from?



Try this

That is just the standard emenu with some CSS changes. Just some images and padding and stuff. The only real code change that I did was to limit the flyout to one category instead of all of them. Everything else is just styles.

Feel free to use Firebug to check out my menu. If you have any questions, just post them on here or PM me.



Thanks for the replies. The boss has decided that they like the menu on this site:

[url=“"][font="Times New Roman”][/font][/url]

[font=“Times New Roman”]it's a CS Cart site. Does anyone know where I can get this kind of menu from or is it a custom build?[/font]

[font=“Times New Roman”]Thanks[/font]

Any menu that isn't one supplied by CS-Cart is going to be custom. There aren't exactly many menu options out there for sale. Luckily most of the menu stuff can be done withh CSS and usually doesn't require much for code changes.