New Install - No buttons showing on shop (IE10 display error)


I have just installed a fresh Trial of CS-Cart 4.0.3 on our website.

We are going to migrate from an old (6+ years) osCommerce shop which recently went down.

Everything is going fine except in IE10 and IE8 (only versions I can test with) the shops buttons do not show.

They appear to be too large or the template/CSS is wrong for them.

Everything appears correctly in Chrome.

The store admin section is also broken with many elements missing or in the wrong place, it almost seems like IE is not loading a CSS template and everything is out of place.

I know this is not a problem with IE10 as I've been testing a “Personal Demo” store for a few days and on that shop everything display 100% in IE10.

The shop is located here:

(No product imported yet, just installed it few hours ago and configuring).

Any help would be appreciated before I move forward and start adjust the default style/colours etc.



This is now fixed, IE10 was defaulting to compatibility view when it should not. All good now.