new install can and cant access site

Ive done a fresh install via whm and uploaded v3.

Started to set up a few categories…fine, enabled seo…fine closed store front. Opened it a few hours later to do a bit more and when I type the web address I get the default apache cgi page. http://www.embroider…aultwebpage.cgi

I can access by going to Embroidered Polo Shirts | Custom Printed T Shirts | Sweatshirts | Fleeces and Hoodies and can navigate through the site but not by using the std web address.

I have checked config.local to see if a setting exists but all seems fine so am assuming it is probably a sserver /whm thing anyways.

Any help anyone.



Works for me? U fixed it already?

*DNS thing

John, I would check the .htaccess file and if you have your store in a sub-directory that you have the BaseDir set and if you don't, that it is commented out.

Baring that, I would suggest you check what the default page is in your Apache configuration. I.e. it should probably be default.html, default.php and index.php.