new instalation, ned urgent help

I'm trying to install cs cart, and have done all the right thing incl. mysql.

when I browse for xxxxxx.con/cs_cart/install i get the following messg:

Fatal error[color=#000000]: Call to undefined function: date_default_timezone_set() in [/color]/www/[color=#000000] on line [/color]23

I have changed the timezone to Europe, but it do no good…please advise

Would hazard a guess that your host has a (very) old version of PHP, pre-5.1.0. Does your host meet the CS-Cart requirements?

They do, and I have a dedicated server…so that should be okay

Is it because I have installed it in a sub folder ??

Check your version, just to be sure… it is not because you install into a subdirectory and it can almost not be anything else then an old version.


echo "Version: " . phpversion();


Flow and StellarBytes, you were both right…I contacted my host and they have upgraded my server. It works now…Thanks for the advise

Okay…installation went fine but the default user and passw. admin/admin don't work…please Help