New Instal But Demo Data Pages Not Found On Server?


I had installed version 4.2 from scratch, clean install. Everything seemed ok, I ran the setup wizard and got into Admin panel ok. However the store front has the home page, but ALL page links beyond that are dead even though I clicked install demo data.

I did the folder and file permissions. My server php and MySQL are the correct versions to work in Cs-Cart. I can see my home page and get around admin ok.

Am I missing something. I get page not found on server message.

Any help would be great.

I have installed 5 CS-Carts before but versions 2.2, and not had this issue.

Try to disable the SEO module. It looks like it causes the issue

Thanks, I have done that.

It looks like the demo data links go dead after a new cart install. I have started adding new categories and they are linking ok now.

FYI after the new and clean install. I found the Hot Deals block on the home page was causing the white page issue. After I disabled that block, the home page loaded ok. But the links are dead, so maybe it would be good to warn new clients of that?