New Hook with includes

okay so I am doing a custom hook for a new header and I want to add cart and account drop down to this new header hook. I know how to include the files but what I dont know how to do is to pass the variables to the includes. For example how to pass the variables show the buttons and show thumbnails on the minicart. Lastly I did this before (without the variables) but the issue was when I add something to the cart the cart doesnt update to show without reloading the page. Anyone can help I would appreciate it in addition I am willing to pay for some service.

an example of what I am doing is putting {include file=“blocks/cart_content.tpl” } and I need to know how to pass the variables like show bottom buttoms and show delete icons and so on. I tried a few things but to know avail.

Hi bioformx!

I'm quite new to all this myself too, but I was trying to do a similar thing to you - mainly just put a custom cart display in the header (which I've managed to do after a bit of fumbling around).

If you just wanted to include the cart_content.tpl as it is, can you not just use the block and position it absolutely to put it where you want? From my understanding, those variables of 'show bottom buttons' and 'show delete icons' pertain to the settings of the cart content block. I just wonder how you would set them if you're not actually using the block.