New "hello World" Add-On Doesn't Show Up Under 4.0.3

While trying to convert some addons from 2.x to 4.0.3, I tried to get the “simplest case” hello_world addon working:-


This is just an addon.xml file in the “app/addons/hello_world” folder cut-and-pasted from the above article. According to the instructions, it should show up in the addons list for installation, but it doesn't, (and it isn't recorded in the database cscart_addons and cscart_addons_descriptions tables either).

I've cleared the cache, even going to the extent of deleting the old cache folder. This hasn't fixed things.

(FWIW, I've already imported the store data from 2.x, and my old plugins (which haven't yet been converted) are listed in the above database tables.)

Any help appreciated, thank you.

  • Smich

Disregard that- must have been a Windows permissions issue, since it showed up in the list after I granted read access to “Everyone”.

I'm not suggesting that granting read permission to all users is necessarily a good idea here, just that it shows the problem was permission-related.