New Forum?

I just thought I’d throw this idea out there… but I was wondering if it was possible for the admins to create a forum for “Free Mods” (a la cubecart’s forums)… it’s nice that they have one for commercial, and they have one for 3rd party (which to me is a place people go when they want something custom written) but it would be really nice if there was a forum where all of the “free mods” got kept together in 1 place… (I’ve seen mods in “configuration”, “store design” and “3rd party services”… ) it would make it easier for those of us who develop, as well as the newbies who are looking for mods…

anyone else think this is a good idea?

the free mods forum has pretty much defaulted to:


and you can check out Matt’s mods here:


that’s the problem… it’s “pretty much” defaulted to… why should it “default” anywhere… rather than having a place that is specifically defined for it… as I said… I’ve seen mods in at least 3 different places… because it starts out as a “how do I” type of question in configuration, and ends up getting replied to as a mod

Even if they created a place like that, mods will continue to be posted as “replies” to different types of questions elsewhere. When posting mods as the main topic, they, as sno said, pretty much need to be posted in the 3rd party services section.

Mods, hacks, extentions, contributions, pluggins (whatever name) seem always come from paradise in the beggining…

A few months later, with maintaining of all of them, it’s really fires of hell!

Happily, CS-Cart Core Team engineers, incorporating the best of Mods, and they maintain them!

Lee Li Pop