New Feature To Ez Admin Helper

We added a simple, yet useful feature to our EZ Admin Helper addon.

The profiles.manage page (list of users) now shows an additional column titled "Recent activity". Each row for each user will have a 'Logs' link in that column. Clicking it will take you to the logs listing filtered for that user only, most recent to oldest.

At $39.95, this addon is the best bargain for helping administer cs-cart.

The documentation (does not include this change) can be found at:

And the addon product details page is at:

Marketplace link is:

Other great features of this addon are:

+ Ability to run any of the below tasks on a schedule of your choosing.

+ Optionally will email results

+ Can be run "on demand" as well

Operations/tools that can be run are:

+ Clear cache

+Clear template cache (V4 only)

+Clear thumb cache

+Clear logs (can specity days of retention - default is 30 days)

+Clear statistics (can specity days of retention - default is 30 days)

+ Clear carts

+ Backup site

+ Optimize database

+ Backup database

+ Update currencies

+ Monitor files

+ Force reset or user passwords

+ Change admin url

+ Check detailed images (V4+ only - Cleans up unused images from images tables)

o Check security intrusions (V4+ only)

+ Sync orders and users (V4+ only) (moves orders for anonymous orders to users if they are registered)

+ Archive orders (V4+ only

As you can see, most everything you do on a regular basis is on one page and can be scheduled to run while you sleep or can be run on demand by one click.

Current version is 4.9.32. If you are an existing customer, you should get updated automatically in the next day or two. If not (or you're anxious) you can use the admin url parameters of


And it will upgrade you on demand.