New Feature In Ez Admin Helper Addon

A new action has been created for 'Archive Orders'. It is disabled by default.

Current licensees should automatically be upgraded over the next few days.

If Active (or the run_once link is clicked) it will archive orders to newly created tables named 'ez_archive_[table name]' (I.e. ez_archive_orders).

We chose to ARCHIVE rather than DELETE because the merchant might want to access the old data or even restore it into the related orders tables in the future (which can be easily done via phpMyAdmin). Or, the merchant may decide to just truncate the tables effectively deleting the orders.

This will NOT affect inventory in any way.

The action has one parameter which is 'days'. By default it is set to 1825 which is 5 years. But you can set it to whatever you want.

If the action is Active and cron is setup to run, by default it will run once a year on Jan 1 at 5am (daily DB backups are set to run at 4am by default). It is suggested that your run this immediately after doing a database backup

The product detail page is:
And documentation is either in the Attachments tab on the above page or at:

Screen shots are available in the documentation.

The addon is still priced at:$34.99 (for a single store of cs-cart, MVE and additional storefronts are extra). There's no better deal around.
Note that this new functionality is not available in the V3 or V2 versions of the addon. But we do still support our work from way back then.

As a reminder, EZ Admin Helper is a single page of actions you can take for managing your site. You can also schedule all of these actions to run automatically. You can set whether to notify you by email of the results and you can disable the actions but still run them on demand by clicking a run_once link for each action.

It's all about making your life EZ'r! :-)

Here are the 'Actions' you can take all on one page in EZ Admin Helper
o Clear cache
o Clear template cache (V4 only)
o Clear thumb cache
o Clear logs
o Clear statistics
o Clear carts
o Backup site
o Optimize database
o Backup database
o Update currencies
o Monitor files
o Reset user passwords
o Change admin url
o Check detailed images (V4+ only)
o Check security intrusions (V4+ only)
o Sync orders and users (V4+ only)
o Archive orders (V4+ only)

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What does the "check detailed images" do Tony ?

it cleans up the cscart_images table. It will fix:

- any corresponding image files that are missing, it removed the entry.

- verify that the sizes in the image table actually match the sizes of the file(s), otherwise it will reset them.

- verify that the "object' related to the image still exists. If not, the entry is deleted.

- If a file is missing, it will check for alternates of the same name. I.e. if the images table has a path of foo.jpg and foo.jpg does not exist it will look for foo.JPG, foo.JPEG, foo.jpeg, etc.

Generally it's a housekeeping utility that ensure that everything is aligned as it should be. Suggest it be run AFTER a database backup, especially for the first time it's run.

It doesn't need to be run very frequently. Maybe twice a year. If you're seeing nothing be adjusted, then you could probably just run it manually ('run now" link) whenever you feel like it.

Documentation is at :

This is a great addon, excellent time saver and works well. Set up a cron (or ask your host to) and a few simple settings and your away

Defo recommended for the price