NEW Express, Ultra User Friendly Checkout System

I agree the price really hurts. I had the guy that does my mods (a member on here) and showed him, he said he would do the same thing for $350, and thats from scratch.

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If you think about it, it is not that unreasonable.

Consider this, if your average online purchase is $100, then just 2 extra conversions per month cover the cost of the checkout over a 12 month period. When most studied put shopping cart abandonment rate at somewhere between 59-72% ( source: [url=“14 Cart Abandonment Statistics - Please Submit More – Articles – Baymard Institute”][/url] ) then a product that can reduce these figures can mean a major increase in revenue.

This checkout aims to address some of the top reasons for online shoppers not completing a transaction. Obviously this is not aimed at small businesses, but for stores with a moderate income, this could make a real difference.


I think that your math is incorrect:

First, I doubt most people would get many extra sales from your checkout but lets say that they get two per month of $100 each.

So $200 in sales with a 100% profit means $100 per month towards the software cost so over 2 years to break even if you are lucky…

Next, custom coding could be done for less than the price of your old software - 3.0 is the current version and you are asking for more money to upgrade…?

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We would love to sell it for less, unfortunately the hours involved in instalation alone mean the price needs to be that high. Realistically it requires 3-4 days of work on the dev cart to align all the settings…



“Hours involved in installation?” There goes all the profits whilst overheads soar!

At first I thought there was a typo, and it was $24.98 - but to find that it is $2,498.00, I am speechless. The number of sales and time it would take to pay off a module that 1. is such an investment that it is 9 times that of the platform, 2. requires “3-4 days for settings to be aligned”, 3. requires “hours involved in installation and configuration”… I'm not sure what to say…

How long does it take to “install” an update and “align settings”?

$2,498.00 minus $98.00, divided by $50.00 equals approx 48:00 hours to install… Hmmm… 48 hours to install a $98.00 modified one page shopping cart checkout??

[size=3]($98.00 based on other peoples posts - high average)[/size]

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Thanks for all the feedback, the installation is actually around 10 hours and the check out can not be accomplished as an add-on but only as a modification due to CS cart limitations. The customer we developed the check out initially for reduced abandonment rate by a couple of % (cant remember exact figure as it's 2 years ago) but in their case it made big $ difference as they sold 1/4 of a million dollar worth of goods on a day like black friday.

But I agree it would be good to again implement so A/B split testing and see actual results on other sites.

This is certainly no mood for a small shop owner and would only be worth while for stores with a good amount of orders.



PS the R&D time for the check out was over 350h and substantial changes in CS cart are required

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I agree the price really hurts. I had the guy that does my mods (a member on here) and showed him, he said he would do the same thing for $350, and thats from scratch.


good luck with it…

I should also add that the current price is AU$1499 including the 10h installation

We also don't just install on a live cart we usually install first on your development cart so you can extensively test and after that move to live.

I know its horses for courses but I dont like many of the one page checkouts, most look too cluttered and overwhelming certainly for older customers or those “new to web shopping” customers, in these cases I feel the step1,2,3 process is easier. No I havent done any split testing just my own personal thoughts.

I looked at your sample link and thought Ugggh! .


without A/B split testing it on your site everything said here is speculation,

if you don't have the budget for it it's probably not for you anyway as the order amount your receive

would not warrant the investement.

It did the job for the customer it was designed for (and they did extensively test)

an we have several other customers who are happy with the results but did not do proper A/B split testing.

We just put out here that we have it and if someon needs it he can contact us otherwise just ignor the topic