New Emails Andpayment Surcharge Issue In Order With Payment Surcharge

Hi guys
we were facing a serious issue with the new order template.
The problem was that a payment surcharge is not showing in the order (invoice) print, even if it's charged.
You can see the payment surcharge in order screen in admin, in customer screen in old print, but not in new print.

We have contacted support and got a temporary solution, as this bug relates to a Minor severity so the maximum waiting time is 45 days.
You only need to go to Design > Documents > Invoice page of the admin panel and
Add this code
{% if o.payment_surcharge %} {{__("payment_surcharge")}} {% endif %}

{% if o.payment_surcharge %} {{o.payment_surcharge}} {% endif %}

Under this
{{ __("shipping") }}

{{ o.display_shipping_cost }}

It will be then shown almost as it should, as the surcharge title is from translation and not from the field with the alternative Surcharge title in the payment settings pop-up.






Thanks! :)