New Display Field Under Quantity Field

Looking for information on how to display new “Display only” field under quantity.

User should be able to enter value through Admin panel. For Example refer following “Case Pack” field.

Price: $6.00

In stock

Quantity: 1

Case Pack: 12

Add two new input fields to your products to assign the value to “extra_info_title” and “extra_info_value” or some other field name (this can be done via hooks).

Extend your templates to display the $product.extra_info_title and $product.extra_info_value if $product.extra_info_value is not empty.

Could you please provide some information or refer to information on creating hooks?


[url=“Hooks and my changes - Store Design & Templates - CS-Cart Community Forums”]Hooks and my changes - Store Design & Templates - CS-Cart Community Forums

Do I need to update any table field to add “extra_info_title” and “extra_info_value” ?

How would it display input fields on Admin product entry page?

Do a google search, read the information you find and then come back with questions. I suggest you read the multi-part tutorial I wrote that is in the developers forum here. It has examples of how do do exactly what I described to you. I certainly can't write a tutorial for you here. The information is already available. But am happy to answer specific questions where I can.