New customers created in Admin have wrong user type

I have run into this issue and hoped someone else can confirm this. It appears to happen only in an upgraded cart (fresh install of 2.0.13 works fine) and when the Supplier add-on is active.

When adding a new customer ([url]http://YOURDOMAIN/admin.php?dispatch=profiles.manage&user_type=C[/url]) the user type is set to Supplier instead of customer when the account is created.

Anyone else having this problem?


After doing more tests, it appears that all account types (Administrator, Customer and Affiliates) are created as a Supplier type when the account is created in the Admin area and the Supplier addon is active. This seems to happen only on upgraded installations, not on fresh install of 2.0.13.

Can anyone else confirm this?


I just made a test install of 2.0.12 and upgraded it to 2.0.13. I turned on the Supplier addon and made a new user and can confirm that the new user was set as a supplier even though I was adding a new customer.

Thanks for confirming this. It’s reported:



Im confirming this as well, but on a different situation.

A new client made a new order with a new registration.

After the order was created the client called me asking to change the door number on his address. So I logged in to the admin, edited the client and when hit SAVE bummm, client went as a supplier :frowning:

Followed the suggestion on the bug site, but it doesnt work.

The only solution I comed across so far is to edit the damn users on the data-base directly. I hope they get a fix FAST and dont wait till the next version. I cant edit 30+ new clients every day because of this.