New Changes To Ez Checkout Summary Fields Addon

EZ Merchant Solutions announces changes to our EZ Checkout Summary Fields addon.

What's new?

Modifiers and product specific form fields are now supported. I.e. you can now set a field up for Gift Wrapping and charge either a flat fee of $xx or a percentage of the order subtotal.

Fields are now classified as either "Global" or "Product" scope. If Product then that field will only display on checkout if the specific product is in the cart. The modifier ($ or %) can be set specifically for each product.

Information is now "optionally" stored in the customer notes field (for backward compatibility). Fields with selected values will now be displayed in the product list with their calcuated modifier values displayed.

The key features are:

  • Scope can be set to Global or Product
  • Modifiers can be set for fields of Product scope to a specific value for each product.
  • Product scope field modifiers can be set for an amount per item, a flat price per product or a percentage per item.

Product details: Product detail page

Documentation: Product Manual

Screen shots are available in the documentation.

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Very cool addon. Any chance that it could support the File Upload option type?

this is giving 404 Tony

this is giving 404 Tony

Oops, I usually double check these but for some reason I didn't on this one. Correct link is:

Very cool addon. Any chance that it could support the File Upload option type?

Not at this time. But we will add it to the feature requests for possible inclusion in a future version if there is enough demand.

Hi Tony,

Can this add-on be used to collect information which is saved in customer profile? Like colour of eyes? And if so is it possible to ask these questions just once, after which they won't be asked again?

If not, would it be a lot of work to add this feature?


Hi Flow,

No, it's not a profile extension but an order extension. It is primarily intended for things like gift wrap options, gift card message, personalization of a product (like slogans, embroidery initials, etc.) and general demographics like gender, age, interests, etc.

So there's no way to distinguish that the info is related to the person rather than the order..... And the data collected is specific to that order.