New cart with existing cart installation

I am preparing to change shopping carts and I will be installing a new installation of cs-pro 2.2.4 on my vps. I am required to give a domain name for licenscing purposes to cs-cart when purchasing. My current site (we'll call it is up and running now.(differnt cart differnt server) How do I deal with the domain issue, just give the name ( cs-cart and use my dedicated ip for the url on my new intallation or?? any insight will be appreciated.


Hello, jackyboy!

It is allowed to transfer the license to another domain if need be. It will be required to contact us via the Customer Help desk ( My account - ) and let us know the new domain so that we register it in our database. It is a free service.

So, you can use your IP address while purchasing the license and then let us know your domain name (when you are ready to transfer CS-Cart to it).

if you use a subdomain for your new cart ( then I believe you can just have it registered to Also, you can simply install your new cart in a sub-directory ( and continue to use the same license. You will want to adjust 3 things if you use the sub-directory approach:

  1. edit new/.htaccess and change the RewriteBase to /new
  2. edit new/config.local.php and change the http/https 'path' components to '/new'
  3. edit new/robots.txt and add a Disallow: /* to the 2nd line.

    I also do a few other things to make it very obvisous to me and/or customer that they are in a development site. But these are not necessary. But you might want to dsiable your payment providers and/or your locations so no one can really checkout. Additionally you can password protect the /new directory via your cPanel.