New Carrier In 4.5.1

How can I add a personal carrier in the list when I create a shipment in cs-cart 4.5.1 ?

As in 4.5.1, when no carriers is selected, the shipment cannot be saved (it was possible in previous version).

Check marketplace. There were modules for custom carriers

Thanks ecom. I saw this, but the thing is that I do not want to add a new classic carrier.

My customers can choose to have a shipment or to get the goods at our shop (so there's no carrier).

In previous cs-cart version, when no carrier were selected, shipment was saved and ok, but in 4.5.1 it refuse to save a shipment without a carrier selected.

So I need to create a carrier like "Shop" so I can edit a shipment for pick-up at our store.

Note that our solution does not work with 4.4.x and 4.5.x versions since carriers were moved from separate schemas to shipping method classes.