New Carrier Addon for CS-Cart 4.0.x

Another useful Addon for v4.0.x is the new Carrier Addon.

It was always almost difficult to import new Carriers in CS-Cart but CS-Cart 4.0.x made it almost impossible.

Well this is over with our new Addon

Just import your new Carrier, and his tracking url and there you have it in the Shipment screen of the order and in the email that goes to the customer.

The price is 45€ . More at [url=“Νέα Μεταφορική για CS-Cart 4.x - CS-Cart Addons/Πρόσθετα at Cscart.Biz | CS-Cart Market by”][/url]



Very handy!

What Fotis, so this will enable customers to get my UPS tracking numbers automatically in the completed order email.



John this is actually the part in the shipping button where you select the carrier and then click on inform customer and change order status.

So then yes, it delivers the mail with tracking number and the site for the carrier, in order to check the order.


Is this add-on compatible with V4.1.2?


not tested yet, but I might have this today


Is this addon compatible with 4.2.1 ?

Is this going to be compatible for 4.2.3?

Thank you,