New Arrivals page - - - - - Is it possible?

I am trying to add a page to my quick links which will be “New Arrivals”. I would like to insert the “new arrivals” block on this custom page, but the system will not do that.

Has anyone figured out a way to handle a new arrivals page? (no- not by creating a new category and adding products to/from it).

Thanks for your help!

You can create a block called New Arrivals and assign it to Pages (NOT All Pages). The go to Content and create a page called New Arrivals. Then on the blocks tab for that page enable the New Arrivals block by clicking the checkbox. All of the settings for that block need to be controlled from Design > Blocks > Page as far as the # of products it shows, pricing, item code, etc…

Thank you, John, for that response. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

Works perfectly. I initially tried to do that but I was under the assumption it would have added the New Arrivals to all custom pages. Nice to know there is a workaround for this!

Thanks again, huge help!

Glad to give back to a community that has helped me out in so many ways.

Unfortunately this does not work as planned. Making a “New Arrivals” block only applies to items within your current catalog.

When creating the block, you must select “apply to all” in order for any items to show up.

However, this defeats the purpose because you want ALL new items to show up on this page (yet they would not be included since you have not applied the block to the new products).

If you have more in-depth settings for the page or block please let me know. Thanks!

Make the filling type “newest” and the block/page will always show the newest products from your site. Make sure that when you add new products to the site that you are setting the current date for the date added otherwise the block has no way to tell it is a new product.

What about the Period and Last Days settings? I am very confused as to what these should be set to.

Thanks for your help!

[quote name=‘Chef_Joe’]What about the Period and Last Days settings? I am very confused as to what these should be set to.

Thanks for your help![/QUOTE]

I set period to “Any Date” and last days is then meaningless. That means that it will pull your newest added products regardless of how far back in the past they were added to the website.

If you select last days then you have to put a value in the last days field. This makes it so it will only pull your newest products out of those added within the last days time frame.

If you select today, then it will pull the newest products added today (and everyday is a new today).

Basically if you don’t add new products every day or x number of days, then “Any Date” is what you should pick.

Make the block in design, enable it, create a page called new arrivals, then in blocks tab select new arrivals block and assign it to that page and you are done. Only downfall is I do not think you can set pagination for the page so if you have over 100 new arrivals it might take a few more seconds to load.