New Accounting Addon

I'm in the process of having a new accounting addon developed which will allow you to enter in wholesale cost, drop ship cost (if applicable), and shipping cost on the order level basis which would then give you your profit for a single transaction.

This profit would then be shown to you in a daily, monthly, and annually format on the admin homepage.

I've been doing all this manually in Excel for the past couple years, but as the amount of orders increases I've found this to be quite a headache and a LOT of double entry.

I'm also including the “Brand” feature in these reports so the system can then show you which brands give you the most profit or % profit per transaction.

Addon takes a lot of development hours so if you're interested in helping out let me know! I don't have a quote yet but should within the next day or 2. PM me if you'd like to throw some in to get this done. Thanks!

No one needs this for their store? Really?

What program are you using that integrates with your CS-Cart admin to pull order info, and where you can input your overhead costs?

Suggestions are much appreciated!

I export my order to Quickbooks via CS-Cart's Quickbooks export function. Shipping, taxes and the sale price of the item are all imported and allocated to the appropriate account in the Quickbooks ledger.

Quickbooks is where I account for purchasing inventory and building inventory. When I build a new inventory item, it includes a few parts that are purchased separately. Quickbooks determines the cost of the goods, I base the sale price on the calculated cost and then add the inventory item to the CS-Cart products.

Accounting software, like Quickbooks, is where all Purchase Orders, Receiving, Sales, Banking, and Inventory are managed. The imported orders from CS-Cart are allocated to a Web Sales account and are reported separately from other sales channels.

CS-Cart is a sales interface only and was never intended to be accounting software.


Although I agree with Magpie Don that Cs-Cart is not intended to be an accounting software, neither a system to manage the whole inventory cycle, I have had in the past some customers asking for a an indicator of the overall profit (or loss) of each online order.

We bought and used the “Profit-Loss Addon” from Snorocket, which was good for that purpose (although it had a bug, we fixed it easily), and compatible with versions 2.1.x and 2.2.x. Now it seems that it is no longer available on their site.

IMHO, I would start contacting Snorocket and trying to collaborate with them, sure some of thier work could serve as the basis for a more robust addon, version 3.x.x compatible and with easier charts and summaries.


I'm using enterprise level ERP / CRM / Accounting / POS software for my holding and companies.

3.1 comes with an API. Why not integrate existing software instead of reinventing the wheel?