Net Price Variable In Invoice


I customized the invoice to the German needed standard.

However I can't find a variable showing the net price.

e.g. 10,00 EUR price, 1,60 Tax Total 10,00

But I want:

8,40 net price, 1,60 tax, total 10,00

tried under price in the product table to write

{{ p.original_price - }}

​but than it returns 9 (missing the ,00 and the EUR like it was before)

any ideas?



{{ (p.original_price -|number_format(2,",",", ",".") }} €

​worked ... hope it is the right solution...

didnt work for amounts >1000 EUR since to the German number declaration (1.000,00).

This works:

{{ (p.raw.price -|number_format(2,",",".") }} €