Nested product filters: is it possible?


I would like to have some product filters that are only showing up after another filter was clicked. (like it is possible with categories).


Visitor clicks car-brand (which is a filter created with a product features: for instance Audi).

After that a filter called model shows up in the filter box. This filter is also based on product features and is only showing the models that correspond to the brand that was clicked. (i.e. A4, A6, A8, Q8, etc.)

I don want to show ALL models when a brand is not clicked (for instance on the homepage) because the list is way too long.

I know that this is possible with categories but that is NOT what i am looking for.

Anybody has any suggestions?

I also need to filter products in the same nested manner…

I know this post is a bit dated, but this is probably what you’re looking for and the person that can accomplish this feature. Thought I’d at least add this in case someone else is looking to do the same.


Hope this helps.