Negotiable Price

I would like to request this option for future release, if possible 1.3.4 would be nice.

In the back end under each product there will be a check box for negotiable price. If the box is check the following option will be available:

  1. Negotiable price range
  2. Negotiable whole sale price range i.e. 5 - 10 the price range can be $90 - 100 for each.
  3. If seller don’t want to define a price range, seller can choose to have the offer store in the data base and notify seller via e-mail so seller can go in the back admin and approve or denied the offer.

    On the front end if a product is available for buyer to make an offer then

    Right under the price there will be a field call “Offer price”, seller can input their offer there, the “amount” can also be use to. Once the buy entered their offer for the product, and quanity another button called “Make Offer” will appear next to the “Add to cart” button.

    Once click the “make offer” buyer will have to choice.

  4. If the buyer is a return customer, they can sign-in if they haven’t done so.
  5. If not they can register, or they can enter their information just like anonymous checkout.

    Once that step is done the following step will occur.

  6. If the product was define with an offer range and the offer are meet then CS-Cart will take the customer to the congratuation page and add the product to the customer cart. And ask the customer whether they wan to continue shopping or go to checkout.

  7. If the product wasn’t defie with an offer range, then CS-Cart will take the customer to the thank you page (thank you for making an offer … we will contact you via e-mail to notify whether your offer is accept or not …)

    I know this is not an auction cart but it would be nice to have some option from an aution cart. These kind of option would attract more customer.