needing help 1.3.5-sp2 admin

after a new FULL install of cscart_v1.3.5-sp2

when installing the database with the CS-Cart Installation Wizard it will stop at cscart_topics

[COLOR=black]cscart user_data[/COLOR]

cscart profile

cscart user session products

cscart user

you can not click next to go on and install the skins.but it did install in MySQL database

so i deleted the step 4 in (install.php)

skipping the install database part.

everything install great BUT i can not LOGIN to the admin page with the defalt user name and password it will come up as

[COLOR=red]error The username or password you entered is invalid, please try again[/COLOR].

i have spent days and nights with this issue can Anyone please help me with this

Are you starting from scratch or are you upgrading an existing installation?

If there was already data in your database, you may need to use an upgrade package.

I am a NOOB to CSCart, but just a thought.


  1. Have you made sure the scheme.sql file is not corrupt?

    2.Try importing the file using phpmyadmin, it might give you a better idea why it’s stopping.