Need your opinion please

Hi. Here is my dilemma.

I have 1.3.5 store Ready to go in like 2 days. I have custom template i know all the features and how to use it very well i have auto update for my products ready to go and all left to do is just testing it.

Now…my question is should i wait few more weeks and use the 2.0.6 shop.

I will need to design the template my self move some images for the autoupdate. learn all the new features inside out…?

What should i do. It will take like 5 6 weeks to do it while the 1.3.5 maybe 4 days.


Is the 2.0.6 is like almost or stable to open a store with it. the 1.3.5 is stable as can be i mean…


Which one is more secure? i mean the way they changed admin and such…i do have ssl but…


Is 1.3.5 is pci compliance? is 2.0.6 is?

Thanks all. its important to me to read what you think.

Hi all please help me decide.

My 2.0.6 store is running very well, making sales and no problems to date. I did have some issues but tech support recognized the problems on their end and fixed them in short order. I assume the fixes are included in the latest release because that’s what beta is all about.

I like the admin panel in 2.0.6. I think it’s more intuitive and the information on sales is laid out a lot better and I think the front end is crisper and more reactive than 1.3.5 as well.

Do I think it’s worth the upgrade? Definitely, especially if as you say, you’re conversant with the software and know what you are doing.

Having said that, if version 3.0.0 comes out tomorrow, I’ll be a very unhappy camper.

I think it all depends on what you are including in your store.

If you have 25000+ products and with those 25000+ products you have hundreds of features, filters and options, then you certainly should reconsider the move.

Now if you only have 200 products with very very few features, filters and options, then by all means, dive in. But you may still run into problems here and there.

HI. well i do have like 10.000 product or will have. BUt i do have an auto updater that everynight takes my xml from my wholesaler, convert it to cs-cart csv and upload it to my shop automatically.

I build it for 1.3.5 and 2.0.6 and its working.

My biggest problem is the template i designed and changed and all the mods i added and such.

Should i open the shop and then start working on the cs 2 xx template and adds and then just do an upgrade?

or wait like few weeks and open the 2XX? thats my biggest problem the template

I can’t answer that question. It all depends on you and your capabilities. Why don’t you just use 2.x to test/work on instead of going live with it? If/when you feel comfortable with 2.x, then go live with it.

On a side note, care to share your auto updater?