Need your help. fixed shipping rate for all vendors


I need help. I’ve been trying to figure this out.

Here’s the setup we want for our online store:

  1. we have multiple vendors
  2. All of the products of our vendors are kept in a centralized warehouse (like Amazon’s FBA)
  3. this allows us to ship multiple orders from different vendors into one

    The problem with CS-cart MVE is that it’s designed for Vendors shipping from different locations. I wish to charge customers with a fixed shipping fee regardless if the products are from different vendors.

    Any suggestions?

    One solution is to just put all products in one vendor account or just use CS-cart pro, but that’s a last resort.


    using 2.2.4

Any suggestion on this?

i was asking those problem… so i setting shipping method then apply same shipment name to vendor who has to combine shipping cost. then need to ass some commend like this ---------if shipping name is same (show as one after sum weight)

i asked to and watting these. they asked to me 1500 us$ for this custmize…lol

it's expensive then multi vendor license. impossible.

i have one this add -on now. cost is 500 us$.

if you need email to me