Need Urgent Help About Products M Update

hi all i have a problem with product m_update

i added a array to $product_data

like this

    [gg_specs] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [name] => brand
                    [id] => 13
                    [variants] => Array
                            [0] => Array
                                    [id] => 87
                                    [value] => @phone
                                    [spec_id] => 13
                        [1] => Array
                                [id] => 12
                                [value] => Acer
                                [spec_id] => 13

i have build update codes with hook. everythink is ok but


manage mode 

$selected_fields[] = array(
‘name’ => ‘[data][gg_spec]’,
‘text’ => __(‘gg_specs’)

m_update mode

if (!empty($selected_fields['data']['gg_spec'])) {
    $field_groups['S']['gg_spec'] = 'products_data';
    $filled_groups['S']['gg_spec'] = __('gg_spec');

i cant get values, if i remove gg_spec i can get values, how can i fix this ?

Not knowing what you’re really trying to do, you might want to review how you’re using ‘name’ in your $selected_fields array.

i want update an array with m update.

like up code i have added an values to $product_data['gg_specs']

check up code i want update taht array with m update

like product features.

Sorry, but your code examples don't make any sense to me at all for what you may be trying to do.

If you are wanting to update product_data, then use the get_product_data hook and populate the array however you want.

Use built-in addons as examples (like Reward points or SEO) to add new fields to multiple update

i check them codes. if i add a key to product_data array like gg_specs i cant get values, if remove key and add direct to product data i can get values.

whats wrong