Need to upgrade from v2.0.6 to the latest version of cs cart

Hi, currently we are running cs cart v2.0.6 and we would like to upgrade to the latest version of cs cart. Does cs cart allow you to upgrade versions? or do you have purchase teh latest version of the cart and start from scratch? If you do have to start from scratch, are there major issues with importing the data from the old version to the new version? is the template system very different in the latest version of cs cart?

Any help with my questions would be greatly appreciated.



I would also like to know this, my version is the 2.0.6 too.

You can use the 'Store Import' addon in the latest version - currently 4.0.3 - to upgrade your store. You will have to create a separate installation of 4.0.3 because the software is radically different, therefore you install the latest version in a subdomain/subfolder of your current V2.0.6 store and then use the Store Import to import all your V2 data into V4, then move the V4 store to the root to go live.