Need to SEO My Store

Hi, I’m trying to SEO my Websites.

Is there a way I can include Meta Tags and description in the index page?

Ive tried using the Blocks and editing the Meta in there, But when i check the Source Info the tags aren’t there. Which i believe is a problem.

My website is suffering dramatically with Search Engine ranks.

And i don’t have the funds to get professional optimization right now.

Is there anything you guys can suggest to boost my rank?

Just wanna make it clear that I am a SEO noob!



The meta tags are there for the homepage, however, meta keywords is virtually redundant in terms of search rankings.

You need to go to Design>Blocks>Home page>click Home Page tab cog and enter the meta info for the index page there. This should override the index dispatch, otherwise, check the meta info in Design>Blocks>Default (usually 'All Pages' tab as from standard CS-Cart V3 install).

In regards to SEO, where's your site content? Your homepage is virtually blank, category pages are blank, product details fairly bare. You need to add fresh, unique content to these pages to stand any chance.

Hi StellarBytes.

Thanks for your response. I have used the Blocks as i had mentioned above. I was just worried about when i did SEO tests on the Site i would get poor results as to Meta Tags, and it would tell me what tags i have which are the tags i have in the Source HTML,

I figured that by updating them i would have better results.

As to the content, It was a little hard adding content detailed content to the home page with the set up that I wanted.

I am currently in the middle of updating my products such as Custom PC's due to them being out of date with today's market.

But as for detailed Product details, I see your point and I shall improve in that area,


Not a CS-Cart store, but a similar niche to yours. Check out how one of the market leading brands in the UK, eBuyer add content to the homepage without taking up too much space.

Why does your site suffer from search engine? Did you move your store from another shopping cart?

That is correct cscartrocks,

I used to use Woo-commerce on WordPress. And I spent Spent alot of Time and Money in to SEOing my old website, Then decided to upgrade after about a year and i believe some of the old links are still clearing out of Google. But in the last week i have pushed everything i can in to submitting the site to google using webmaster tools. And im pleased to say that I have just checked my stats on Webmaster and my Internal Program and they have both stated 900% increase in Traffic. So i believe we are getting somewhere now. Lol.


I'd suggest 301 redirect your top ranking links to your new links to minimize the lost. Do it as fast as you can because most traffic comes from your top ranking links with just a few keywords.

I have already done that, But i believe because the content was changed, Google had stopped indexing them.

It may also be because it redirects that could be the issue, I dont think Google bot likes Redirects, But ive noticed that the new links are starting to show up throughout google, I wanted to get Paid SEO done, But i wanted to set it up as good as i can at first before i take it that far, So i at least have some traffic while i pay for SEO.