Need to remove background images from Food Skin

I would like to remove the vegetables from the Food skin. But without the PSD it's a pita.

Is this skin based off a free template?

I'm not sure why a PSD would make things easier here, but if you had Firebug for Firefox, this would be totally easy for you.

If you want to just remove the vegetables:

In skins/food/customer/styles.css

On line 381 you should have:

.helper-container {
background: url("images/food_bg.jpg") no-repeat scroll 0 10px transparent;
margin: 0 auto;
padding: 0 36px;
width: 963px;

Just remove the background or change it to something else.

The Yellow background image is on line 3 of the same file.

Hope that helps,



I was trying to just photoshop the vegies out of food_bg.jpg. Which ended up with mismatched gradients to the bg image. Didn't realise that the title bg is on top of the page bg. Severe mondayitis I suppose.

No problem. Good thing it is still Sunday for me.