Need to NOT discount certain products

Hi there-

We have a promotion setup where if a user enters a specific coupon code, they get 10% off their entire order. Works great, very simple.

However we have just introduced gift cards as a product they can buy in the store. We don't want people to be able to buy these at a discount for obvious reasons.

I tried to amend the promotion above to say

if coupon code = “wine club”


category != “gift cards”

But, if there are 2 products in the cart, one being a gift card, and one being something else, nothing gets discounted. This makes sense. There is a gift card in the cart, so nothing gets discounted.

Is there a way to set it up so that in the same situation, the other product is 10% off but the gift card doesn't get discounted?

Hello chuck cheeze,

Thank you for your message.

In your case I suggest that you should use the Products in condition in your promotion instead of the Category not one and add only those products for which you want to apply a discount. In this case everything should work as you need.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

So, in a store where we have 500 products, and 1 of them is a gift card, i'd be adding 499 products to the “products in” condition?

Hello chuck cheeze,

Thank you for the reply.

Yes, if you use the Products in condition, you have to add all necessary products manually. However you can use the Categories in condition and add all categories there except for the “gift cards” category. The result should be the same as when you select the Products in condition and add all products from these categories.

Also note that you should create a discount only on necessary products (the Discount on products bonus) and not on an entire order in the “Bonuses” tab. In this case a discount will not be applied to a gift certificate.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Thanks Pavel, but I can't quite get it.

I have this setup:

Group All conditions are true:

Categories in (all but Gift Card added)

Group All conditions are true:

Coupon code = mycode

Bonus: -15%

However, it is still discounting both the regular product and the gift card in the cart with this setup. It seems like the logic says: if there is a product in any of these categories and the code is correct, discount the entire cart. But I want all of the products in the cart except the gift card to get discounted.

Put the gift card in a different category, then create your promotion and have it include the “category” not products only where the products you want discounted are in.

so promo would be

cart promotions

all conditions true

add condition “categories”

then select the cats that your product are in and give them the discount in the bonus tab


in Version 2.1.4 this aint working, at least when you combine it as following:

cart promo all true

  • in category
  • order subtotal > amount

    I would expect it to check the subtotal price for the items IN the category, but that's not working.

    As long as i add products not in the category but the subtotal amount is high enough, it still gives the promotion.