Need to have support accounts for clients

I put in a ticket yesterday to ask to have one of clients we bought a license to be moved & given their own support account. I logged in this morning and the ticket was not there.

I really need to get this done. Our clients typically do their job, while we do ours, and in this situation, it has gone beyond our ability to handle them properly along with our other customers. They additonally have said they are interested in getting in touch with a CS-Cart Expert (other than my programming partner Luckdragon) - If the people who handle support desk read this, please check my support account.

Thank you so much

Lorri Nevil

I have seen the notification about the holidays and that they will not be available again until May 4.

Is there a list somewhere of the holidays so that I might mark my calendar for the future?

Thank you & everyone have a great weekend.