Need To "disable" Input Fields

Hi. Been getting a lot of good help lately on the forums, hopefully someone could help on this one too.

I’m running 4.0.3, and I’d like to “disable” all the input fields (except Password and Shipping address fields) under “Profile details” and in the Checkout, so customers can’t edit them but still see them.

I’ve only been able to find the Email field and disable it in “templates / views / profiles / components / profiles_account.tpl” by adding disabled=“disabled”. I’ve looked everywhere and there’s no such input field for Billing info. They must be added using a loop I can’t find.


Just an update in case anyone else wants to ever do this…

I still haven't found how to “disable” just the billing input fields and still have them visible, but I did find a way to only hide the billing info completely and still let the customer choose a different “Shipping address”.

Go to: basic / templates / views / checkout / components / steps / step_two.tpl

Either delete or comment with this line:

{include file="views/profiles/components/profile_fields.tpl" section=$first_section body_id="" ship_to_another=true title=$first_section_text}