Need Suggestion from all CSC Members

I have completed a website but now i want to know how should i increase the traffic to my website. There is any Tools to do this or can i do this own my hands. Please suggest.

good natural position in google is the only real way to have good trafic , title different for any product and categories , and manufacturer ,pertinent ALT in pictures , atractive metadescription,

I think the second way to generate cibled trafic is the compare price shopzilla googlebase mercamania , antag ,gooster ect…

in the first time select alls the free compare price.

for the new website during 1 month google help your web site for many request (prime) ou prime de fraicheur , is a small boost to run the shop .

put your sitemap in google webmaster tool and autorize crawl for the picture .

put your webshop in 20 good directory with regular frequence ( 1 per day) no massive submission in FFA

links exchange with another webshop of the same theme or the same sector in another country for non concurence market for ex I live in spain , my market is spain your market is US or AUstralia is inteligent link exchange with no concurence and good backlink in the same activicty sector .

if you have money , put on adword campaign , to generate cibled traffic and to determine the keyword print more used for the potential client , to afine the semantic title of your product ect…

go to church every Sunday:D


Do a Google search for organic seo and start reading.