Need Sugest For Theme Which One Is The Best

hi im running multive ndor.

just ask. which one is the best for theme :


for mystictheme. almost 5days. everyday email. i didnt get any reply back from the support :(

I had problems with mysticthemes and wouldnt recommend them though others seem to have had good response.

Do you REALLY nee a custom theme, you can do a lot now with the theme editor yourself and save any non compatibility issues with addons etc

thanks mate for remembering me. yes. i think the support really bad.

I would mostly worry about compatibility issues with thirdparty addons, I have had mine with the otherwise beautiful (IMHO) Buyshop theme. A custom theme is also a budget issue if you cannot do it yourself.

It would be great if more themes from the Magento library would be ported to CS Cart of if you could ... learn your why in by attending a virtual classroom hosted by CS Cart (for a fee) on how to .. DIY a theme.

In general I have had good to very good experiences with Cart Power (Graceful), eCom Labs and ThemeHills. But in general I would prefer to go for development or customization of a theme to developers who also do addons and themes.