Need some suggestions for my site

Well, I’ve been working on a site for a buddy of mine. A friend of mine machines fishing jigs (amongst other things) and my buddy is going to sell them for him. I’m actually going fishing with both of them in Brookings, Oregon this weekend so I’d like to get this site at least most of the way done before I go.

Anyways the site is on my testing server at:


I know that I have a ton to do still. I’m waiting to get the descriptions and stuff. I also have all the meta stuff to do along with any other content that he wants to add.

I’m very happy with the overall layout and design, but I feel that the site just needs “more”. I would like to add some more images, but I’m not sure where. I’d also like to add more color, but I’m not exactly sure what colors to add.

I haven’t done anything with the cart and checkout pages. I’ve mainly focused on the layouts of the home page, category pages, and the product pages.

I also already know that there are some minor design issues with IE6 and IE7. I think IE8 displayed correctly. I’m using Adobe Browser Labs to help me, but I haven’t gotten around to changing the IE style sheet yet.

I’d sure appreciate any help you guys can give. Also let me know what you think about the layout. While I’m happy with it, I’d love to know your opinions of it.

Thank you,


Come on guys and gals, doesn’t anyone have an opinion or is my site just that bad?


OK Brandon here goes. I think the blue background is too stark and needs to be toned down perhaps a darker blue. The whole site is lacking in character. Perhaps when you add more product that will change. I’d prefer to see more information on the landing page and maybe the whole main page should be done in Flash. I do like the image rotation for the products.

yep…blue too blue

Not much on the website to actually comment on.

Webgraphix Cs-Cart Ultimate Banner Rotator v2 would most probably bring the site to life with perhaps some pictures of people fishing (with flash text added to banner), seeing lots of hooks doesn’t inspire me.

wasn’t to sure about logo but if it’s staying perhaps the blue background could be the same as the fish’s scales so it ties in better.

hope i helped.

Cool, thanks guys.

I also thought the background was too much, I just wasn’t sure what to do with it. Maybe I’ll darken it down a bit and see. It sounds like a good idea.

I agree about the “lacking character” part. That is what I’m hoping to get from you guys. I like the idea of having a rotating banner with people fishing. Since we’re going fishing this weekend I am planning on bringing my camera and hopefully I’ll get a few good pics. I suck at photography, but hopefully if I take enough photos I’ll have a least a few that will help me.

As for adding more products, I’m not really sure what his plans are. I think at this point he plans on just selling the products that are listed which is why I went to this design instead of the typical 3 column layout with a category list and everything. I plan on talking to him this weekend about having other products. It would be nice to have more inventory so that there could be a little “more” to the site.

I also plan on adding more content to the home page. I plan on adding more words, but I’m not a creative writer so I’m trying to get some help on what to say. Maybe between having some more words and another flash banner there will be enough content on the home page to keep the customer there.

I plan on keeping the logo, but was thinking about playing around with the colors of the header. I’m thinking about maybe making the logo a transparent png and making a simple gradient for the header background. I’m not sure though. Header gradients haven’t ever really impressed me, but I’m just not sure what else to do.

Thank you guys for the input, I really appreciate it. Hopefully a few more people will come along. In the mean time I’ll put some of your suggestions into play.

Thanks again,