Need some help with Main menu links

Hi all…
I am new to CS Cart as my old solution finally died…
I am having difficulty getting the main menu to link to a specific product page. I have been fighting this for 2 hours and not sure what I am missing…

I simply want the “4 Runner Designs” item on the main bar, open my 4R category items… no matter what I try, I get a 404…


In the URL field, please paste either the full link to the product like or in the following way: dispatch=products.view&product_id=12, where replace the 12 with the product’s real ID (you can check it in the admin panel, in the address bar of you browser, at the product’s edit page).

Doesn’t seem to work either.
I changed the URL to read “dispatch=products.view&product_id=100” (without quotes)
I verified I do have a product with ID 100, and I still get a 404 on the click.

Please try to add in the URL field:


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Try to open the product details page through the following URL


May be the product is disabled or our of stock?

Disregard. For some reason the dispatch links were not working for me, but the main URL did. That works fine.

Sorry the


was excessive here. All that needed to be added is