Need Some Help Upgrading From V3 To V4

Hi Guys,

Silly Question.

I've tried looking everywhere for info on how to upgrade from v3 to v4.

I can't seem to find anything, Can someone lead me to some documentation?



Thanks Mate :D



Another quick question.

I've just finished importing to v4.

How am I supposed to get it back on the original domain?

Did I miss something or am I supposed to move everything to the old directory?


What we did was move the old CS version into a different folder like “oldcs2” or something like that. Then we moved the new version in as the default. Be careful to follow step (1) on the following page…

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

If you skip it you will have problems. I guess there may be a way to manually edit the database after you move it, but it is easier to just edit what is mentioned in step one before you move version 4 to a different folder. You'll also see instructions on how to move version 3 to a different folder.

You may already know, but also be careful to change permissions afterwords. You'll see those here…

Install CS-Cart — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation