Need some help please.

I got this problem with the images showing up on IE. Please advice thanks in advance :slight_smile:

My images on file system.


Hi Cheapboh, what is the problem, images seem to be OK in both IE and FF.

Images look fine from here too using IE6.

Weird it seems ok to me now too. Some images are unable to load properly leaving it empty even if i refresh the image on IE 7. Now it looks fine. Will take screenshot if it happens again. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

The images loads fine for Firefox though when i posted this.

Hi guys im back again :wink:

Attach is on IE and FF. IE7 has no problems and yet FF have problems in certain post only. Anyone knows why please advice me.

Thanks and regard :smiley:



Is this a gif image, like “sidebox_title_bg.gif” you are using, if so what size is it.