Need some help, Alt-Text disappeared

How about this for weird… my wife and I were updating products today and I noticed that a few of them were missing alt text for the detailed image. Then i noticed it was missing on every detailed image but only on the general page. Alt text for thumbnails and additional images in there but its vanished from every general detail image.

Anyone else ever experienced odd things disappearing from the database?

So I was able to fix this issue with a little work but its got me wondering wtf is going on. I didnt mention this early but a week ago I noticed a few images missing. For example a product would have additional images and then one day image #4 and #6 wouldnt be there. The thumbnail and detail image now just showed a failed image loading block, so you could see that an image used to be there but it didnt see “No image displayed” like it would be default if you never added an image.

Now with these alt tags vanishing just from the primary detailed images, Im wondering if this is an issue with the CS-Cart database or with my host.

A host can’t “disallow” alt tags.