Need some custom work

I have an interesting problem and need someone to do some customization. Here’s what I need:

The provider of our database information requires us to restrict access to the products, so that one person can view no more than seven categories.

I’m guessing that this can be done with some sort of modification and cookies. We have roughly 1.25 million products that will be listed within 24 main categories and a few thousand subs, but only need the restrictions to be placed on the main categories.

So I need to know if this can be done and if so, how much and a time frame.

Interesting requirement. Can you provide a bit more detail on the category rules? Is 7 the maximum number of top-level categories, or any categories?

It’s only a requirement for top level categories. Basically the site is for OEM automotive parts and supplies. The supplier of the database requires that we have a system in place that restricts viewing of more than seven - ten models (top level) for any given user, per week.

The underlying concept is that commercial users do not copy any of the database, while retail users are welcome to get the required information to make a purchase.

If content scraping is the real concern here, another technique may be more effective ([url][/url]) and simpler to implement.

If your client is insisting on the 7 category limit, I’d consider using CS-Cart’s Groups system to restrict access. A slight modification there may fit the bill.

  1. Create a User Group for each top level category
  2. Configure those categories (and apply to subcategories) so that only User Group Members may access them
  3. Require customer to register before using site
  4. During registration, customer picks 7 User Groups to join

    Modifications needed:

    -change “User Group” language to “Preferred Category”

    -add date field to the usergroup_links table

    -change “User Group” signup logic to auto-join Group without manual approval (with previous date check for 7 day rule)

    -change “User Group” signup logic and form to limit user to a max of 7

    IMHO, that’s the simplest way to get it done.