Need Serial Nuber e-mail sent

Have been looking for (and asking for) ever since I discovered CS-Cart last year.

I need a way to automatically send an email with a serial CODE picked from a list in a simple text file upon receiving payment in the shop.

The serial code is needed by the installer of the purchased (download) product.

If anybody knows of such a ‘mod’ or can make me one for a reasonable fee, I’d be VERY interested!

You can contact me at francois at silvercloudpublishing dot com

I think I saw this as a new post yesterday too, maybe you double posted it. Most likely no one that reads this forum has this mod so you’ve gotten zero replies. That or being that it is the busiest part of the year for stores you may not get much of a reply or offer until January. I suggest writing up documentation on your requirements and submitting them to the CS Cart team for a quote.

I figured I may have posted it in the wrong forum yesterday, so that’s why I re-posted it here.

I already inquired with CS-Cart once and reactions weren’t in any way positive, hence the new ‘try’ here.

But thanks for your reply.