need review of my cscart website

please let me know how my site holds up thank you

Your sharethis and facebook links are really really really slowing up the site

Page load time:[color=#777777][font=Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, sans-serif][size=3] 41.94s is abysmal[/size][/font][/color]


Hello crave!

I like your website, it is really nice, has all necessary Help (FAQ is empty but I think you are working over it) and Company information. Shoes are fantastic!

I would just recommend to enable Comments & Reviews add-on for your products, shoppers like to read reviews of other customers.

Also you may have a look at our commercial modules available for CS-Cart [url=“”][/url], probably you will find something useful for you (i.e. Image zoom can be a good module for you).

Best regards, Alt-team

Kogi is it really how will i fix that problem any suggestions @alt teams thanks a lot yes Im still working on it and ill be following up on your suggestions thanks alot appreciate the info