Need Product Filter Mod for 1.3.5sp4

To make things easy and quick here is a link to a product filter being used on CS-Cart that i’m interested in getting coded for our site. 1.3.5sp4

[url]Home page

The three product filter drop down boxes are what we’re after. Our boxes would be Price, Material & Safety Features. I’m looking to have the system pull from our already existing features so we don’t have to re-enter every last detail, ha!

This might already be out as a mod in the forum somewhere but I couldn’t find it.

Also, I know version 2.0 already has similar features but like 1.3.5sp4 better.

Thanks in advance and thanks to the forum for all the posted info.


Oh and I need to say this is an (adult) toy & lingerie store very mild in nature.

We have made someting similar: link