Need order export to run on demand


I need to get my orders set to export “on demand” without manual interaction. I’ve tried setting up an export with the Output type set to Server. This left me with a URL from which I can download the CSV file, but it appears to be static. If I place a test order and access the export URL again, the new order is not included.

If the export would run each time the URL is loaded, my warehouse would be able to download new orders for fulfillment.

The export does not have to work exactly as I’ve set it up. Any solution where my warehouse system can pull down a current order export on demand without human intervention would be adequate.

Does anyone know of a way to do this? Again, if a human needs to interact with CS cart each time to do the export, it’s not a satisfactory solution.



hello !!!




I need this also. Any pointers how to accomplish this?

It's awkward if you want to use the standard mechanisms within the cart. If you have specific needs, it is usually much easier to just make your own using fn_get_order_info() or direct calls to the database.

I built the whole custom export just not sure

How to make it run automatically. Tips?

I mean I access my custom export admin.php?dispatch=erporders.getorders

But I'm not sure how to run it automatically

Because to access it you have to login to cs cart admin.

Look at this post: datafeed 2.1.4 import - Upcoming features - CS-Cart Community Forums

Thanks I'll give it a try.