Need Little Help


I noticed admin product details page something like


contains a product that is deleted. Product name instead of being greyed out text like in demo, mine is a link that points to 404 page backend. Can someone tell me where to look for a problem?

Check fn_get_order_info function (app/functions/fn.cart.php). Check by deleted_product, it should be true

            foreach ($order['products'] as $k => $v) {
                //Check for product existance
                if (empty($v['product'])) {
                    $order['products'][$k]['deleted_product'] = true;
                } else {
                    $order['products'][$k]['deleted_product'] = false;

                $order['products'][$k]['discount'] = 0;

                $v['extra'] = @unserialize($v['extra']);
                if ($order['products'][$k]['deleted_product'] == true && !empty($v['extra']['product'])) {
                    $order['products'][$k]['product'] = $v['extra']['product'];
                } else {
                    $order['products'][$k]['product'] = fn_get_product_name($v['product_id'], $lang_code);

got this